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The About Dr Beljanski

Renowned scientist Mirko Beljanski, PhD (1923 – 1998) shared the same passions that drive any fearless explorer, patient archeologist, or innovative inventor: the insatiable passion for discovery. The belief that a certain discovery will make a difference in people’s lives is what pushes the pioneer to overcome any obstacle. Throughout a more than 50-year career as a biochemist and biologist, Dr Beljanski faced many obstacles but was never swayed from a dedication to discovery in order to improve the lives of others.

From humble beginnings in the former Yugoslavia, to a 30-year tenure as a researcher at the celebrated Pasteur Institute in Paris, Mirko Beljanski knew his destiny. He began at the Pasteur Institute after receiving his PhD from the University of Paris, where he and his team devoted much of their study to cell regulation and replication, especially the roles DNA and RNA play in cellular health.

As his team probed the various mechanisms of cell replication, Dr. Beljanski became particularly focused on aberrant physiological cell regulation, or, what happens when normal cell behavior goes awry. In 1960 he was awarded the Charles Leopold Mayer prize for his groundbreaking work on RNA synthesis, the core mechanism in cell multiplication. These discoveries led him to isolate and study several new substances leading to breakthroughs in his field and, ultimately, a line of dietary supplements, The Beljanski® Products.

At the time of his untimely death in 1998, he left behind a legacy of fearless innovation as well as an impressive body of work including two books, 133 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and numerous patents. Most importantly, his lifelong dream of bringing nature and science together to improve the health and well-being of people has been achieved.

The company proudly carries on with Dr Beljanski’s legacy and promotes innovative quality research on cutting-edge ingredients.
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DNA and RNA are found within the nucleus of all living cells. DNA contains the specific genetic code for each individual organism, while RNA controls the activity of the cell. Dr. Beljanski made a fundamental discovery: the DNA extracted from tissue in the cells that have been irregularly multiplying has a destabilized secondary structure not found in DNA taken from healthy tissue. The substances able to modify this structure trigger the gene’s expression and cause the destabilized DNA to dramatically increase replication. Once the process begins, it gains momentum with each division.

DNA destabilization is a cumulative process that is influenced by the level and frequency of our contact with harmful molecules that damage damage DNA structure. Through this discovery, Mirko Beljanski offered the world an explanation at the cellular level of environmental medicine.

Dr. Beljanski realized that if he could find a way to prevent this uncontrolled replication and expression of destabilized DNA, then he might be able to destroy these unhealthy cells. After years of research, he discovered these properties present in certain plant extracts. These extracts proved to exhibit selective action, acting only on the destabilized cells, leaving healthy cells untouched. This scientific realization forms the basis of The Beljanski® Products.


Natural Source International, Ltd. selects only the highest quality ingredients for use in its products. The exacting preparation of these ingredients continues the high standards that Dr. Beljanski used in his own groundbreaking research. Careful attention to quality control assures that each batch of plant extracts meets the rigorous chemical specifications set forth in Dr. Beljanski’s patents. Nothing less is worthy of the name Beljanski® .

The Pao Pereira (Pau pereira) raw material is harvested in South America from the heart of the Amazon rain forest. Rauwolfia vomitoria is collected from the root of a tropical African shrub. Our Ginkgo biloba extract, which comes from special golden leaves of the gingko tree, is prepared according to stringent extraction methods that provides a unique profile of active plant compounds, different from those currently found in any other commercial standardized ginkgo extract. Rigorous quality controls are performed during every step of the manufacturing process: from extraction to purification to encapsulation. Only when each batch of the Beljanski® extracts meets our exhaustive requirements are they finally encapsulated using 100% vegetarian capsules.