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Ginkgo V ®

Golden leaf Ginkgo Biloba Extract

The Chinese have recognized the beneficial effects of the Ginkgo Biloba tree leaves for centuries. While western societies have utilized many different parts of this tree, the very special extract of Ginkgo biloba prepared according to Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s exacting procedure is a completely different formulation from other green extracts of this plant that one may find on the market. Due to this very particular extraction procedure, as well as the time at which these leaves are harvested, Ginkgo V® differs in makeup, and acts in a completely different manner from classically standardized Ginkgo extracts(1, 2).

Professor Beljanski demonstrated in multiple experiments that his original Gingko extract can act as a regulator of cell enzymes called ribonucleases (3).* In healthy cells, the normal function of these enzymes is to trim and finalize the messages copied from the DNA, a process that is essential for the optimal health in the human body. In conditions of extreme physical stress, these enzymes can become deregulated (or disrupted). Ultimately, this can have a damaging effect on the health of cells and bodily tissues.

Ginkgo V®, through its regulatory or normalizing effect on cellular enzymes, enhances the natural cell repair process and helps the tissues to remain healthy, even when they are exposed to extreme physiological stresses.*

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100 capsules per bottle. Each capsule of Ginkgo V® contains powdered golden leaf ginkgo extract.

Suggested Daily Intake as a Dietary Supplement:
Take up to 10 capsules per day with a glass of water or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.